Gulachi has now grown as leading company in the field of

Non – Destructive & Destructive Testing’s

Gulachi has now grown as leading company in the field of

Total Shutdown Solutions

Gulachi has now grown as leading company in the field of

NDT Training & Certification

Gulachi has now grown as leading company in the field of

Third Party Inspection

Gulachi has now grown as leading company in the field of

Corrosion & Health Assessment

about us


  • To establish best-practice philosophy and plans for management of project risk, quality, safety, and the environment
  • To ensure that key decisions are made with more Inspection Confidence & Impartiality

What We will Do

  • Apply our teams project experience to establish strategy and plans for the following, in line with best industry practice: Contracting and execution strategies , Interface management , Risk management, Safety management, Regulatory compliance
  • Establish project quality and safety objectives
  • Utilize Advance NDT Technologize to optimise Inspection Integrity
  • Use of more Technological Advance machine to reduce human error
  • Mix of team Highly Skills & less Skilled


  • Best industry practice project management plans with Project Safety and quality Culture
  • Reduced time and Higher Inspection Confidence
  • Total Ownership resulting of One Point Solution

Our Sister Concern

The company is equipped with dedicated multidiscipline group of

highly trained and experienced manpower



To contribute industry and society by providing best inspection and non-destructive testing services so that we grow through satisfaction of our clients and employees.


We shall be the most reliable company in the field of inspection and nondestructive testing services. We shall achieve our goal and success by :

  • Being competitive
  • Providing service with total quality
  • Enhancing value of services to customers
  • Adopting international standards in our service
  • Imparting knowledge and skill to our employees
  • Enriching our capabilities by adding modern equipment
  • Providing new and innovative inspection solutions to customers

Quality Policy

We are determined to satisfy our customers by providing value added NDT solutions and services as per their requirements at competitive price and displaying true spirit of the quality.


  • Happy Thoughts
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Fairness
  • Care


Our inspection services and results shall affect the productivity and safety of industry in particular and society as a whole. Therefore, we are committed to adhere to following ethics of our business:

Technical : We adopt standard engineering practices, codes, standards and procedures to maintain accuracy, reliability and repeatability of results.

Administrative : We value national and international rules and regulations related to customer, employees and society.

Customer : We maintain highest degree of professionalism, honesty, integrity, moral standards during service to our customers.

Health & Safety

Health and safety of people, society, environment and industry is our prime concern. We maintain health and safety in our business by :

  • Adhering to national and international safety rules and regulations
  • Following Health and safety practices applicable at customer’s place
  • Maintaining safe working environment and use of adequate safety gears
  • Promoting safety practices through training and encouragement to employees

Our service experience is spread over projects

operating plants, fabrication and manufacturing sectors

We Serve Industries

Power Plant

Fertilisers & Chemicals


Refineries & Petro Chemicals


Destructive Testing

Manufacturing & Production

Third Party Inspection

Training & Certification

The company is equipped with dedicated Multidiscipline Group of

highly trained and experienced manpower

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