On line Inspection

Off Line Inspection

Corrosion Mapping of Wall

Robotic Inspection of Welds

Tank Bottom Floor Inspection

TankBottom Weld Leak Testing

Health Assessment

Integrity Assessment

Remanant Life Assessment

Automated Tank Cleaning


Corrosion Under Insulation by PECT

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing - LRUT

Medium Range Ultrasonic Testing- MRUT

Weld Inspection

Corrosion Mapping

Lazer Mapping

MFL - Pipeline

Remove Visual Inspection

Underground Pipeline Leak Detection

Above Ground pipeline leak detection

Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessles

Mechanical Tube Cleaning

Tube Health Assessment

Ultrasonic Testing of Tube to Tube Sheet Weld

Helium Leak Testing for Tubes

Helium Leak Testing for TTS Joints

Health Assessment

Corrosion Mapping - Shell


NDT Manpower Supply

NDT Training & Certification

Consultancy & Third Party Inspection

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